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Remembering our past is remembering our experience and what shaped us.

We are told not to dwell on the past; it’s something that cannot be changed or edited. Experiences shape us and make us who we are. Who we grew up with, who raised us, they all help shape and mold us into the people we are today; whether we like…

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How you start your day reflects how your day will go.

“To begin, begin.”

-William Wordsworth

The morning is a special time of the day. It’s a starting point. Like Link in Legend of Zelda, who always starts his journey by waking from slumber, your “game day” begins by waking up. The choices you have after that are endless, but taper…

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What is this sed programmers are talking about? How do you use it?

Linux is a wonderful tool. If you’ve never worked in it before, why not check it out? You can do it without dual-booting or setting up a Virtual Machine (well it’s like a VM, but different) with Docker. I wrote a tutorial about it in another post you can read…

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Now you can with GitHub Profile READMEs.

You found a secret

GitHub has released a sly little update that I’ve only just found out about. Welcome to Profile READMEs! These readmes are a great way to introduce yourself when someone visits your profile. Give the viewer a little insight into you as a person/programmer/designer/whatever-you-are and start off…

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💻Software Engineer | Game Developer | DevOps | Project Enthusiest | Technical Writer — Working to make things simpler. I’ll tell you my story as it unfolds 📖

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