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Cherry Picking is an art form.

If you want something, break it into steps and achieve them.

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How you start your day reflects how your day will go.

“To begin, begin.”

-William Wordsworth

With what it’s best known for: Extensions

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Finding what motivates you, so that it can keep you going.

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Are you going to get back on the horse?

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echo $title | sed -e “s/Sed-/El”

What is this sed programmers are talking about? How do you use it?

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A Quick Look

Because you might need it

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Check out my GitHub Profile README

Now you can with GitHub Profile READMEs.

You found a secret


What makes it worth it for me.

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Even if you reach 80% of the way, don’t stop and you’re doing pretty good.

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Spencer Pollock

💻Software Engineer | Game Developer | DevOps | Project Enthusiest | Technical Writer — Working to make things simpler. I’ll tell you my story as it unfolds 📖

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