A Time of Change

Things are in motion that should not be undone.

Spencer Pollock
5 min readJul 1, 2020


This is a year of change. A year where everything is going to be different than before. Where nothing will ever be like it once was, and for so many reasons.

I have kept mostly quiet online about the two large current events of the world — the current pandemic and the systemic shift in democracy — but now I would like to talk about it.

I truly believe that we are living inside a major chapter in the history textbooks.

Pushing for a change is good. Making the change is better. Remembering why we did it in the first place is best.

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Perhaps a better way to put it than before; this is a time of change. A shift in how we previously saw the world and why it was corrupt and wrong. Since we cannot solve the systemic issues so deeply ingrained into societies around the world and our way of thinking; the change is a time period.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Systemic racism is being called out. The previous arguments of why it’s okay are beginning to crumble. That does not mean however that we are going to abolish it in just a year. It takes time to change everything. Thinking out loud, it’s not going to be gone completely for quite some time. That’s why this is a change over a time period.

I’m not an expert — and I’m only voicing my own opinions out loud — but I would like to put it down on paper, or rather in bits I suppose. It is going to take each and every single person working together to remove this way of thinking. It has been subtly ingrained through millennia into our thought process. The globalization of not just products but people and culture has been shining a light on the latent racism for decades.

There are very few cultures left unaffected by globalization; it’s a virus that has infected all of humanity — much like the coronavirus (COVID-19). Racism has…



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