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Do You Want To README?

Now you can with GitHub Profile READMEs.

3 min readJul 21, 2020


You found a secret

GitHub has released a sly little update that I’ve only just found out about. Welcome to Profile READMEs! These readmes are a great way to introduce yourself when someone visits your profile. Give the viewer a little insight into you as a person/programmer/designer/whatever-you-are and start off on the right foot.

The readme is whatever you want it to be! This little file is all about you and that’s who you should make it for. When you show off your personality in the profile, that’s showing your true colors. That’s what people want to see. Customize and personalize. That’s the name of the game with GitHub Profile READMEs.

Let’s get into it.

Create a new Repo

That’s right. You’re going to need a new repo. A special repo. A repo unlike any repo ever repo’ed before-oed.

Start at and create a repo with the same name as your username — so really, not super unique since you made it before 😉.

Be sure to select the “Add” file before creating the repo of course.

^ Right at the bottom over here.

Once you’ve created that, the rest is really up to you! You don’t even need to pull a local copy of the repo, you can add files in GitHub. There are actually a lot of glowing green buttons to press once you’re inside the repo itself.

Here’s mine for an example:

I like Owls 🦉


My own readme is based on a few:



💻Software Engineer | Game Developer | DevOps | Project Enthusiest | Technical Writer — Working to make things simpler. I’ll tell you my story as it unfolds 📖