Morning Routines 🌄

How you start your day reflects how your day will go.

“To begin, begin.”

-William Wordsworth

The morning is a special time of the day. It’s a starting point. Like Link in Legend of Zelda, who always starts his journey by waking from slumber, your “game day” begins by waking up. The choices you have after that are endless, but taper off during the day. You decide how you want it to begin, even on those days, you don’t feel in control.

Morning routines are regiments people follow to get the most out of their mornings, or how the topics they want to hit the most, and what better than tackling the hardest things at the beginning of the day. Early wins I say, but can have a great impact on your day.

My — current at the time of writing — morning routine looks like thing:

  • wake up
  • roll out of bed
  • yoga
  • fill kettle; grind coffee; clean french press; brew coffee; fill oatmeal; take vitamins
  • read emails/blogs; drink coffee; attempt to rise from slumber
  • setup my daily to-do list (if I forgot the night before)
  • do a bit of coding; tackle some major tasks for the day (early, big wins)

That really gets me to 12 o’clock every day. I like to have my mornings filled with whatever I want to do that’s still productive. Notice I didn’t give any time with the items? I wake up bright and early at 7 every day. Having the ability to do whatever I want during any of that time is so important to me. It gives me the ability to control when I do things.

I can explore new ideas, new rabbit holes, and more importantly, I can give time to items that need my attention in the mornings when I have the most energy and will to get things done.

Make the most of your morning.

Setting out on the daily journey is difficult, but you have to do it every day. Maybe some days you don’t follow your routine, and that is completely okay too. Just getting out of bed is a win. Don’t let the little things weigh you down. When things don’t go according to plan, that’s when the tests start to take shape and begin. That’s where our true strengths show and our resolve takes form.

Treasure the mornings. Make the most of them and hold them close to your heart. It’s the dawn of a new day; a restart to all that’s happened before. Learn from yesterday, but don’t dwell. Ponder tomorrow, but don’t fret. Worry about today, but stick to what you know and have learned, while also open to learning new things.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

What are some of your morning routines? Do you have a morning routine? Even if it’s as simple as brewing that cup of coffee or tea, what’s something that you do every morning that you tick off in your mind and know that it’s the start of something once more?

Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I’m still working to figure out my own life, but that’s half the fun and battle now, isn’t it? Try to make the most of each day. It’s a day you’ll never see again so treasure what you can from it.

All the best and stay safe — Spencer

💻Software Engineer | Game Developer | DevOps | Project Enthusiest | Technical Writer — Working to make things simpler. I’ll tell you my story as it unfolds 📖

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