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Cherry Picking is an art form.

Have you ever used the art form of cherry-picking? I’m not talking about the form of actually picking cherries. I’m speaking about the programming term of cherry-picking from a git commit history.

Per the documentation:

git-cherry-pick — Apply the changes introduced by some existing commits

Cherry-picking in git is the art of taking a commit from a different branch and applying it to your current branch. It takes the state of the files in that commit — all the changes that happened in that branch — and applies them to the branch you are currently on.

Think of picking…

If you want something, break it into steps and achieve them.

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Do you have dreams? If you do, fantastic; if you don’t that’s okay too. I’ll rephrase and ask instead: do you have something you would like to do at some point in your life? Maybe it’s own your own home, take a trip to all 7 continents, start a dream business.

As 2020 is finally over and 2021 begins, culture dictates that we all take this point to start anew. New Year's resolutions go mainstream, and everyone has plans for how they’re going to begin again.

All dreams or goals are achievable. In this world today, it’s even more prevalent…

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How you start your day reflects how your day will go.

“To begin, begin.”

-William Wordsworth

The morning is a special time of the day. It’s a starting point. Like Link in Legend of Zelda, who always starts his journey by waking from slumber, your “game day” begins by waking up. The choices you have after that are endless, but taper off during the day. You decide how you want it to begin, even on those days, you don’t feel in control.

Morning routines are regiments people follow to get the most out of their mornings, or how the topics they want to hit the most, and what better than tackling…

With what it’s best known for: Extensions

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A text editor for a developer is everything. As a programmer, we sit and edit text all day long, every day. We spend most of our time looking at code and finding the best solutions to problems. Reading and writing. Thinking about why this function or that method doesn’t work. Stepping through the code line by line, variable by variable, and squashing 🐛 bugs left, right and center. The text editor that you choose determines how you’ll be interacting with your code and development environment.

Finding what motivates you, so that it can keep you going.

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What happens when you lose your motivation again? Maybe you only had it for just a minute or two. You had it going to bed wanting to workout in the morning; to implement that new idea you had in the shower before work — then when it comes a time, you just crap out on yourself. What happens?

Are you going to get back on the horse?

Thinking about it again, it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things. You’ve been working out so hard and doing so well with your goals and then it just slacks.


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echo $title | sed -e “s/Sed-/El”

What is this sed programmers are talking about? How do you use it?

Linux is a wonderful tool. If you’ve never worked in it before, why not check it out? You can do it without dual-booting or setting up a Virtual Machine (well it’s like a VM, but different) with Docker. I wrote a tutorial about it in another post you can read here.

If you have used Linux before, and you’ve found your way around the command line, you may have heard of a little tool called sed. sed stands for Stream Editor, and is extremely useful for text transformations on input streams.

Let’s explore the following scenario:

Your vendor has just…

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A Quick Look

Because you might need it

Have you needed a quick Linux instance? You’ve wanted to test something out without having to create a dual boot or all the none-sense of a separate Operating System?

Think about this scenario:

You’ve just finished your new project: a NodeJS API Server. It’s wonderful; the best of the best. It spits out random tweets from users and makes a PNG of them. You think it’s awesome but before you release it to the world you want to test that it’s going to work for every instance you run it on; every different version of NodeJS and on Linux/Windows/macOS too…

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Check out my GitHub Profile README

Now you can with GitHub Profile READMEs.

You found a secret

GitHub has released a sly little update that I’ve only just found out about. Welcome to Profile READMEs! These readmes are a great way to introduce yourself when someone visits your profile. Give the viewer a little insight into you as a person/programmer/designer/whatever-you-are and start off on the right foot.

The readme is whatever you want it to be! This little file is all about you and that’s who you should make it for. When you show off your personality in the profile, that’s showing your true colors. That’s what people want to see. Customize and…


What makes it worth it for me.

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What is writing to you? Ask yourself that; what does writing mean to you? Think about it for a minute. What is your relationship with writing? Do you like it? Does it have any benefits that you can see? Do you prefer to type as opposed to writing? Think about it.

What do you use writing for? Is it for work or pleasure? Do you write simply out of necessity? Do you write at all? There are so many different answers, and each is unique. I’ve sat down to think about these things. Well, I sit down to think about…

Even if you reach 80% of the way, don’t stop and you’re doing pretty good.

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I’ve always known I wanted to be a programmer. I knew right from grade eight what I was going to be. It struck me with every core of my being. I thought working with computers is amazing. I saw the people on the movies doing the clicky-clacky typing shenanigans and oogled over the thought that people had the ability to create programs I dreamed of on the computer.

I think I’ve accomplished that goal. I have lots of areas still to improve. I saw a blog template where the creator showed profile skills in percentages (eg: HTML/CSS = 75%, JavaScript…

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